Living In A Helvetica World

Helvetica Font is like the Starbucks of the world… On every street corner.

Helvetica font originated in 1957 and was named Haas Grotesk, but was renamed to Helvetica in 1960.  This font has remained ever so popular and has survived the different time periods and change of styles. It’s used for many logos, signs, advertising pieces and literature.  Most computers like Apple have used Helvetica as their default font. The world sees through Helvetica eyes and people have been accustomed to see this font as friendly, comfortable and normal.

I personally see Helvetica as somewhat boring and trendy. I view it as mainstream and without personality. It speaks to the masses and tells people, “Hi, it’s me again. Would you like to hang out again?”  We’ve already met. We already talked. You just talk to me about what’s popular and never shake my soul nor stimulate my brain.  We never speak of controversy or the rare.  You’re a friendly person, Helvetica but there are so many like you. What really makes you different and special?

From a marketing or design stand-point, if the client was solely going for massive numbers and is a super trendy service or product, I would suggest Helvetica.  It would be much more difficult to brand it as different, but mainstream people would find comfort in Helvetica and compare it to other, similar brands.  My goal has always been to stand out.  People tend to remember that more than being similar.



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