I'm a self declared event marketing guru. With over 100 events under my belt, I've driven hundreds of thousands of guests on a minimal budget with the use of grass roots marketing, social media and sheer creativity. SPECIALIZING IN: Event Marketing, Social Media, Multi-Cultural Marketing w/ a knack for Entertainment & Food.

Comedy: The Route To Easy Advertising

We’ve all huddled around the TV during Super Bowl to watch the newest and funniest commercials. Which ones are good and which ones grab our attention.  TV commercials have been created so that it becomes emotional. How can the product or service connect with the consumer? Advertisers and companies have created entertaining campaigns and amusing … Continue reading


Living In A Helvetica World

Helvetica Font is like the Starbucks of the world… On every street corner. Helvetica font originated in 1957 and was named Haas Grotesk, but was renamed to Helvetica in 1960.  This font has remained ever so popular and has survived the different time periods and change of styles. It’s used for many logos, signs, advertising … Continue reading


Baja Craft Beer Scene

San Diego= IPA Baja California= Delicious Beers…. Period! One often associates San Diego with the fast growing Craft Beer scene however I will be the first to admit it’s a huge IPA town.  I have tasted many IPA’s in SD, yet to my taste buds, they are just too bitter for my mouth.  The best … Continue reading


I’m A Marketing Guru

Guru: a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism; one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent; a person with knowledge or expertise. Michael is my name and event marketing is my game.  It may seem egotistical or overly confident for one to admit they’re a guru in any aspect, but if the … Continue reading


Increasing Facebook Fans

How did I increase my Facebook Fan page with 80 fans in 1-day for FREE?? Let me first say that I have an email database of 3,000 emails so this helps in our campaign, but I wanted to be creative in order to achieve the following: * Increase Total FB Fans * Interact with our … Continue reading

Craft Beer

San Diego- Home of the Brew

San Diego has recently put itself on the map in terms of craft beer.  With dozens of local beer companies arising, many of them can be found off Miramar Road.  The two heavyweights are Karl Strauss and Stone, while the up and comers are: Greenflash, Societe, Ballast Point, Mike Hess and Belching Beaver to name … Continue reading


I’m A Portland Fan!

Just spent 4-days in the city of Portland, that 23rd most populated city tucked away in the NW.  I was kindly surprised by not only the food, but the pleasant people and its beautiful winter landscape. Food. Yes, there is plenty of it but more importantly it’s well prepared with culinary vision.  I had the … Continue reading


False Advertising Is Everywhere

WikiPedia defines “false advertising” as: Deceptive advertising is the use of false or misleading statements. There is a fine line between branding and false advertising. We constantly see images of company advertisements whether it be a pretty woman, handsome man or a celebrity smiling on the cover. Have you ever wondered, “How come the real, … Continue reading


Musica Latina Lives

Now, one would assume that incorporating “Spanish” or Latin music at a Hispanic event is vital… and it is. But, what kind of Latin music do you feature… Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Mariachi, Latin Top 40 or Jennifer Lopez? :) I recently coordinated an event in July 2012 & wanted to do something different than my traditional … Continue reading

Mahi Crusted

Cooking & Marketing

Who said marketers can’t cook?  This is Mahi Mahi and I breaded it with good ol’ Corn Flakes…yes, Corn Flakes.  Let me tell you, this tasted better and was crunchier than Panko.  The sauce was a spicey green tomatillo sauce topped with grilled corn. This was a wonderful and tasty dish!


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